Sunday, February 6, 2011

Abstract Family Portrait

Wanna check out the original? Head over here.

Time Needed: 2-3 hours
Level of difficulty: intermediate
Materials needed: 2 colors of paint, 2 blank canvasses (your choice of size), paintbrushesDirections: Choose the color you want the background to be and paint away. The more coats you use, the longer it'll take to dry. You can go to some place like Home Depot and get a cool color sample so you don't have to buy a whole huge bucket and those are less than $3. Once your canvasses are dry, they'll look a little something like this:Then, and this is the hard part, draw a branch. Make it as scraggly as you want, but make sure that you put a lot of branches on. Follow your inner Bob Ross and find yourself a happy little branch. Look online at branches, look outside at branches, whatever. It's scarier to start than it actually is once you get started. This is obviously in the other color, by the way. Keep painting until your branch looks amazing. Finished branch by me and by my friend Monica (in which picture her hand makes its blog debut):
Then paint your birds. Not sure what kind of bird to do or how exactly one works? Grab that computer and look up bird silhouettes. From here, you can freehand one or print one and trace it. Whatever works for you. Put on one bird for every member of your family. Right now, it's just the hubs and myself, so we have only two birds. Monica, however, has four birds on her canvas because she has the cutest little boys running around her house.And there you go! Hang them on the wall, and feel awesome about the fact that you painted on canvas and that it looks incredible.


  1. Those are adorable! Love them! Such a cute idea and it will be fun to add the birds as your family grows.

  2. They Look GREAT! Thanks for linking to my post.


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