Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hand Embroidery - How To

I was reading that last post and realized that, if you've never done stitching before, those directions are hard to follow. So, I've created a picture tutorial of how to "trace the line" with your embroidery needlework. Let's see what we've got here:

We start with the fabric already drawn on and in the hoop, like this:
Then, draw the thread up through the fabric at the beginning of the design:
Move a few millimeters forward, and pull the thread back on through the fabric:
Now, on the back of the fabric, move a few millimeters forward still and that's where you're gonna pull the thread through. Think of it like this: From here on out, you'll be working backwards. Only that first stitch goes forwards:To connect the line, work backwards and poke the needle back down where you ended your previous stitch:Once it's pulled all the way through, it'll look like you've traced the line, like this:
Continue the process until you finish tracing your design.

And now you know how to do a simple trace with your embroidery designs. Yay!

Also, for your information, it's typical that embroidery thread comes 6 strands thick. Usually, unless you want a really thick line, it's standard to take two of the strands out, thread those through the needle, and use only those. But, do whatever you want to make your project how you'd like it to be. After all, these are just ideas for you to run with. :)

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