Friday, September 10, 2010

Homemade Butter

Time Needed: 5 minutes if using a mixer, 20-30 if doing by hand
Level of difficulty: easy
Materials needed: heavy whipping cream, cheese cloth
Directions: Put the whipping cream in a bowl, if using a mixer. If mixing by hand, put in a container that seals completely, and shake. Mix until the milk solids separate from the liquids. Pour out the liquid (which is, by the way, buttermilk, and is a wonderful ingredient for other recipes, so don't throw it out) and put the liquids in the cheese cloth. Squeeze the butter out, using the cheese cloth as a barrier between you and the butter. This will get the excess buttermilk out. Store in the fridge or freezer, and enjoy!

Note: This is for unsalted butter. If you prefer salted butter, just add a pinch of salt when you start the mixing process.


  1. What?!?!?! I had no idea making butter at home was even possible! You are AMAZING!

  2. Yes, it's freakishly easy and kind of fun to say you churned your own butter. Even if it only meant turning on the Kitchen Aid. :)


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