Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby A's gifts

I'm not going to "how to" this one unless someone leaves me comments wanting to know how I did what I did. Anyway... here's what I made Baby A.

All three of these have the same material: yellow on one side and pink on the other. All three are also quilted with batting in between each layer. What you will not see is the beanie I crocheted her. It was my first beanie and it was... well.. at least the thread stayed together! It was not pretty, but I sent it anyway... more as a joke, and to give the cat something to play with.

This cute bib will hopefully keep the drool and spit up in some kind of designated area.This little burp cloth also holds the same destiny, except it won't be tied to her while being used.I hope this quilt helps keep her nice and snuggly and, if I get my way, it'll become her favorite blankie.
Look at her, using the blanket. Aww! What a sweetie! You can tell from the look on her face how much she appreciates it... and loves being awake. :) I gave her the onesie as well, but I let someone else make that one. After all, a girl can only hand make so many goodies for her cute niece in one night to send in a surprise package!

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  1. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing. I'm having a party over at I would love if you stopped by and linked up your project.


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