Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bread Bowls and Pot Pie Stew

Can you tell I've been dying for soup season to get here? Don't worry - I have like 3 more soups I'm posting in the next few days.
I can't take credit for this one. I found it at the King Arthur Flour website. I will, however, share my modifications.

  1. Double the chicken stock and triple the milk. Otherwise, it's more like coated meat and veggies. In fact, as it was, I'd probably still like more liquid.
  2. I don't have pearl onions nor does my grocery store. So I diced and sauteed a normal one and threw that in.
  3. I'm an Idaho girl through and through. I diced a few potatoes, boiled them, and tossed them in as well. Mmm yum!

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  1. confession...everything looked so yummy that we kind of ate it all right after you left last night. and boy was it yummy! i've already copied the recipe for later :)


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