Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cupcake gift boxes

You may have seen this before, but I thought I'd break it down. I made these cute cupcake gift boxes, all from supplies I either had on hand or got at the dollar store. Total cost was under $2. And that is fabulous!I got these three tins for a dollar and I got a whole pack of round styrofoam balls. I only used 2 of them, so I have a ton to use for another project later. I cut the balls in half and glued them on the top of the tin lids.For two of the lids, I took ribbon and did a loose stitch along the edge. I then pulled the thread tight, which made the ribbon bunch up. I started at the top of the ball, and glued the ribbon in a circle around the styrofoam until the whole ball was covered.For the other one, I followed the same basic pattern in the foursquare flower, except that I scrunched the petals and glued them from the center down on the styrofoam ball. On top of each of the "cupcakes" I glued on a few buttons as decorations.I then took a strip of paper, used some scrapbooking scissors to make the edges all foofy, and folded the paper like an accordin to give it the look of a cupcake wrapper. I wrapped this around the bottom of the tin, and there you go! I can't wait to use these for gifts for my cute friends.

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