Thursday, May 13, 2010

Foursquare Flower

Time Needed: 10
Level of Difficulty: easy
Materials Needed: fabric, cut into 5 circles, each the same size (cut these to the diameter you'd like your flower to be), Fray Check (or similar no-fray product), glue gun, bead
Line the edges of each of your fabric circles with Fray Check. Let this dry (you can work if it's wet, but it can get slightly sticky). Choose one of the five circles to be your base. Fold the rest in half and then in half again - you will now have a triangle with a rounded edge. Take one of these triangles and put a smidge of glue at the point. Stick the point in the center of the fabric (the disc should now be covered 1/4 of the way with your fabric triangle). Continue this process all the way around with your other three triangles. Sometimes, my triangles want to pop open, so I just put a smidge of glue on the inside fold to keep it closed. Once all the triangles are in place, glue the bead in the center, and there you go!

*Note - if you'd like, you can scallop the edges (as shown in this picture) or use other decorative borders to make them cute and fun.

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