Friday, May 14, 2010

Go Green - Recycled Jeans Quilt

Time Needed: 4-5 hours
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate (though the patience level might be more advanced)
Materials Needed: approx. 10 pairs of adult sized jeans (or enough to cut 190 squares from), one 4"x4" cardboard square (used as a pattern - can be adjusted to your desired size), sewing machine, pins, fabric for the back, cut to match the size of the jeans sheet you'll be making, plus enough to line the edges by 1/2" on all four sides, quilt batting that is the same size as the jeans sheet
*Note - this particular quilt was made for a twin bed, which is 40" x 76". If you wanna make a bigger quilt, just get more jeans!

Cut all the jean squares out using the cardboard pattern square. I like to use the pockets because I think it's cute to have a jeans pocket on the blanket (you can see some of them in the picture). Don't worry if all your jeans are different colors and patters - that's part of what makes it cute and fun! This will take some time; after all, you are cutting out 190 squares! Be patient and don't do it all in one dose or your hands will start to ache like nobody's business.

Next, lay the squares out in your desired pattern. Your rectangle should be 10 squares by 19 squares. Pin them together in rows (don't pin the whole thing together or it'll be so heavy, you'll never be able to handle it). Sew together each of the pinned together strips (I recommend a zigzag stitch because it's super strong and jean is a heavy material). Once all of the strips are sewn together, start sewing the strips to one another. Once again, be patient. You've got lots of little squares to piece together. If you get sick of it, stop and come back to it. Be sure to be careful with your fabric - weighty jeans strips can break a sewing machine needle if they get too heavy!

At this point, you've got a really big sheet of jeans. From here, you could tie the quilt, but I personally think a jeans quilt, which looks a little country and home-y, looks hokey if you tie it. So here's what I did. I don't have a quilting machine, so I found a gal who does and I paid her to finish the quilt for me. Not all people with a machine are willing to work with a heavy jeans material, so don't be disheartened if you have to ask around. I figure it's easier and cuter to have a fun, cute pattern quilted in by someone else and to know I rocked on the sewing of the jeans. If you want to do it on your own or if you want to do a tied quilt with it, go for it - this is just what I've done.

*Variations: use different lengths and sizes of jeans materials for a fun, different look. Also, it's cute when a bunch of fabrics are quilted together with jeans interspersed. Do what you think you would like best and what works for you.


  1. Super Cute!!! I've always wanted to make a demin quilt but I don't have the patience for quilting in general. I can't tell you how may I've never finished!

  2. this is adorable! My brother has a jean quilt and it is so warm!

    enjoy it and thanks for sharing!


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