Friday, May 14, 2010

Essential Tools: Home Cook

Like the post that has come before, I have spent many an afternoon in front of the kitchenware section of my favorite store, looking at the latest and greatest gadgets and wondering what I need. After much pondering, here's my list of essential home cook gadgets. And again, I'd love to hear what you feel is essential, too! Keep in mind, this is the tools and not the pantry essentials.

1. A set of measuring cups and spoons
2. Wooden spoons
3. Spatulas
4. Assorted sizes of mixing bowls, skillets, and pots
5. Assorted baking sheets and trays
6. Collander or strainer
7. Blender or food processor
8. Hand mixer
9. Kitchen towels
10. Set of sharp, sturdy knives
11. Can opener
12. Grater
13. Assorted cutting boards (it's very helpful to have one for meats only and one for fruits/veggies)
14. Assorted tupperware (with lids that fit) and zip top bags

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