Thursday, May 13, 2010

And now... a picture!

The previous three posts have taught you about yo-yo flowers, frayed fabric roses, and foursquare flowers. I feel it would be helpful to illustrate these various beauties in action, so here are some, ahem, obviously professional shots of what I've been using them on lately:
The black flower in the back is a yo-yo flower, the black and white one to the right is a frayed fabric rose, and the white with blue accents one on the left is a foursquare flower. Now you know what they look like when put together! This particular combo of flowers is about the size of my palm (not including the feathers).

Wondering what's the deal with the feathers and how I'm planning on using that? Well then, be prepared for something not as cute...I glued the feathers to the black flower (I just thought they were cute - there's really no rhyme or reason) and then glued all of the feathers to a piece of felt. I then attached both a pin and a hair clip so I can use this as both. I glued both pieces down and then glued another piece of felt across them to keep them in place.

Let me show you one more thing...This one is much larger - it's probably about the size of both of my hands (I have small hands, but still...). You'll notice the white with blue accents and the blue flower are yo-yo flowers and that the brown one is a frayed fabric rose. The back looks a lot the same - the only difference is that I didn't put a hair clip on this one (that'd look odd on someone's cranium unless it was acting as a hat).

You can, of course, wear all these flowers on their own, attach them to purses, make them tiny and glue them to earring posts, and so on. Wear them where you want to wear them - it's your creation, so make it match your personality!

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