Thursday, May 13, 2010

Five Point Star Flower

Time Needed: 20 minutes
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Materials Needed: fabric, cut into 5 circles, each the same size (cut these to the diameter you'd like your flower to be), needle and thread, glue gun, beadFold all of your fabric circles in half and then in half again - you will now have triangles with a rounded edge. Take your needle and thread and sew a running stitch along the rounded edge of your triangles. Do this with all five pieces. When they are all on the same piece of thread, pull the thread taunt. This will pucker the fabric, bringing it in to look like a five-point star (as shown above). Tie off the thread and cut the excess off. You'll probably have a bit of a hole in the middle. I conquer this problem by gluing an extra piece of the same color fabric to the back of the flower so that the center is the same color. Glue your bead in the middle, and there you go!

* You might have noticed a bobby pin sticking out of this particular flower. I like to wear this alone on the side of a ponytail. I attach the bobby pin the same way I attached the clip in the previous post.

* Lots of people will do a six-point star and do two different colors of fabrics, which is also very cute.

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