Friday, May 14, 2010

Essential Tools: Crafter

Every good crafter needs a good set of crafting tools. But from time to time, I've wondered, "What exactly do I need?" There are lots of things I could own, but do I really need them all? So below is a list of the tools I have come up with that are necessary for the everyday crafter. However, this is just my list. Let's start a comment thread: what do you feel is a necessary tool of the trade?

1. Fabric scissors (don't ever cut paper with these - it'll dull them)
2. Needles in assorted sizes
3. Pins
4. Threads of different purposes, strengths, and colors
5. Cardboard (I use old boxes for all sorts of things, from making a template to holding stuff in place)
6. Glue gun with plenty of glue sticks.
7. Fray Check, or similar no-fray product
8. Assorted fabrics, buttons, and beads (including felt)
9. Assorted pins and clips
10. Flathead and needle nose pliers
11. Fishing wire beading floss and stretchy beading floss

1 comment:

  1. adding to your list:
    acrylic paints
    modge podge
    assorted scrapbook papers


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