Friday, June 17, 2011

As Promised, Costumes

In my previous post about the mini pies, I mentioned the murder mystery party we were headed to. Well, I also promised pictures of our costumes. I'm also gonna do a price breakdown on the costumes because it was unreal how cheap they were. Here we go!

Costume 1: Sea Captain
Total Cost: $12.50
Coat: $4 at Goodwill (plus a little ribbon I had lying around to do that nautical cuffs.
Cane: $1.50 at Horner Novelty
Pipe $3 at Horner Novelty
Hat: $4 at Partyland
Metals, pants, shirt, tie and shoes: random stuff we had lying around that we used as is or that I glue gunned the crud out of

Costume 2: Italian opera star
Total Cost: $10.50
Dress: $4.50 at Goodwill
Fan: $1 at Dollar Tree
Boa: $3 at Horner Novelty
Gloves: $2 at Horner Novelty
Shoes, jewelry, feathered hairpiece (which I'm bummed you can't see in this shot): random stuff we had lying around

Also, here's my take on murder mystery parties. Throw one. Like, now. The "How to Host a Murder" brand murder mystery party is the best bang for the buck (they're the best developed parties of this sort) and it is hilariously memorable. I can't wait to steal Heather's camera and get the other pics from the party. I'll have to break down everyone else's costumes for you as well. Let me preface that post by saying there was a legit from Germany lederhosen involved. Yeah, good times!

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  1. so fun! i've always wanted to go to one of these...


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