Friday, June 24, 2011

Look what you did!

This is the first time I'll do a feature on here, and I'm so excited to show you what I'm excited about. I have gotten these ideas from various searches and linky parties, and I'm just tickled pink to show you all how neat you all are. Let's get started!

#1 Bumbleberry Pie from Trilogy EdiblesIt's so pretty it'd be hard to eat. But I'm sure I could find a way! :)

#2 Book Tote at Love Endures All ThingsNot only is this a great project for those of us who love reading, but this is absolutely hilarious! I'm definitely making myself one of these!

#3 5 Minute Fabulous Hair at Ali Grace Fashions and Trends I'm a big fan of big hair and I am totally in love with this 'do!

#4 DIY Ruffled Denim Skirt at My Blessed LifeIsn't this the cutest skirt ever? What a fun way to update your wardrobe!

#5 Bloggy Web Design Help at Sassy SanctuaryThis is one of several blog how-to's at Sassy Sanctuary, and this one is all about easier picture posting. This is a fabulous time saver and a great help!

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