Friday, July 8, 2011

Update: apartment gardening

If you'll remember, I started a little garden on my apartment balcony. Let's check up on that garden, shall we?Look at that bright red strawberry! I can't wait to eat it. And the one behind it isn't looking too shabby, either!

I told my friend Monica I wanted to buy a tomato plant. She told me she had 6 growing out of her compost pile and to come get one. These things are growing like crazy. I'm telling you what, that's the best way to start a plant ever. I can't wait to find out what kind of tomatoes these are going to grow up to be.

My bell peppers are still just buds and are taking the longest to get going. That's okay, though. It's still fun to watch them grow. They're going to turn out beautiful - I just know it!

Because it was getting dark, my hand had to make a debut in these photos. Yes! Look at the size of that jalapeno. The best part? I've got 5 others that size and 10 smaller ones that are just getting started. That's where my best success in the garden has been. Now if only I knew how to use more than one jalapeno at a time!

I also had cilantro that grew beautifully, but I harvested it last week so it wouldn't' go to seed. It made an amazing addition to a fabulous pico de gallo (recipe to come soon).

Because of my soil choice (aka not Miracle Gro), my carrots and onions didn't fare too well. That's okay, though. My other plants are doing wonderfully, and for a first time gardener who's growing everything on her balcony, I'm very pleased with the results

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